It all started as a dream… a man with a microphone, a DJ and $12. From there things have taken off, and have now become a man with a microphone, the same DJ and $23; hence this is how the My-T-Sharp Show was born! Our ever so famous microphone is used by our host and guests to spread alluring entertainment, knowledge and awareness by way of the My-T-Sharp Show podcast, quantifiable press releases and social media. The My-T-Sharp Show is best described as an exciting, informational and invigorating Christian based podcast that deals with current events, news, politics, sports, religion and much more. Outside of our entertaining panel reviews and comedic skits, the My-T-Sharp Show is well known for conducting engaging interviews showcasing inspirational entertainers and entrepreneurs. When you think of excellence, think of the My-T-Sharp Show, we aim to engage, entertain, inspire and inform

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