Trump for prez?

Today we talk about the unbelievable momentum Donald Trump has gained toward a run at the presidency. How is this happening? Why is it happening? And most importantly what’s to be done about it? We also take a stroll down memory lane and talk about our all time favorite sitcoms from back in the day.

The Bill Cosby Scandal

Today on the show we talk about the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby and if we idolize people too much in this day and age. Do we put people on a pedestal just to then knock them down? What should Mr. Cosby do to rectify his situation? Also we talk about where should our focus really be as believers.

How To Survive A Traffic Stop


It would appear that the meme we used for today’s show was to be as a joke, unfortunately in this day we live in, it is not a joke at all. On this show we give you tips and strategies for your safety and an officers safety during a traffic stop. We also talk about the Sandra Bland tragedy and what it means. PLEASE spread the word about this episode, it could be the saving of a life.