Icebox Challenge Preview



Join us in the Icebox Challenge starting this Saturday! We want to know what’s in your fridge, we do, cause we’re just weird like that. So clean it out, stock it up and tape a video, or just leave it an empty and pathetic mess and still tape a video. Use the hashtag #whatsinyourfridge

Should Roger Goodell Be Fired?


imageShould NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell be fired for the negative image in the NFL? Was there a cover up in the Ray Rice story? Is he hiding being plausible deniability? Is the NFL doing enough to enforce domestic violence rules? Check out the new show this week and hear the panels take.




Is there an idea in you? Do you have a desire to create something? What’s stopping you from doing what you love to do? This week Mont interviews new entrepreneurs, and finds out where they are in their personal journey to maximizing their gifts and talents. Check it out now.

NFL Preview!

The NFL is back! Join Mont and the My-T-Sharp gang as they give their predictions for the upcoming season. Listen to the expert panel give their picks for the year and their Super Bowl predictions. We also give you some fantasy football names to watch as well, with our special guest consultant. Even if you don’t know anything about football we give you some tips to help you, so you don’t feel left out at the water cooler on Monday. Stay sharp! NFL