MTSS 12-L: Flight MH17, Sunday Best, Fatherhood

New show is up today, join Mont and the panel as they discuss the situation in the Ukraine with the Malaysian Air flight that was shot down. They then move on to discuss the pros and cons of the gospel singing competition Sunday Best on BET and then a final segment on fatherhood in this day and age. Check it out now!

MTSS Interview Series: Sharon Jackson

The interview series keeps rolling with another great Q & A with Psalmist Sharon Jackson. Mont talks to her about what it’s like leading praise and worship on a national stage and hits on some of highlights of the class she taught at AIM this year. Download this episode now and tell a friend!

MTSS Interview Series: Christian Anderson

AIM week is over but Monty Mont is still getting interviews. Today on the show is the amazing Christian Anderson, who sang the power of God down Thursday night at the conference. She was nice enough to do a phone interview for the My-T-Sharp Show and give her feelings on ministering in song, especially in a large setting such as a national convention. Don’t miss this!