MTSS 10-J: The Money Episode

What really happens when you take out a mortgage on a house? Or apply for a loan? How crucial is the banking system to the world economy? What do U.S. Presidents and assassinations have to do with printing money? Should I lend money to people at the church? I guarantee that if you do not learn at least 3 things from this show you will get your money back!

MTSS 9-I: Homosexuals In The Church, DeSean Jackson, News

The 9th big show is here and ready for your listening ears. This week Monty Mont and the crew talk about homosexuals operating in the church. Why is this allowed? What do the real saints of God need to do about it? In our current events topic we talk about the DeSean Jackson story and how our associations can cost us in the long  run, if we don’t make good decisions. We then end the show with not one but two, count ’em two great news stories. My-T-Sharp we in the building!

MTSS 8-H: Respecting Leadership, Legalized Marijuana, News

The big show is back! Join Mont and the gang as this week they tackle the subject of respecting men and women of God, and disturbing trend of speaking against leaders. The show then moves to the current events segment to talk about legalized marijuana and the effect it has on society. Finally the news segment with maybe the best story to date on the show. So check it out and tell a friend!