MTSS 5-E: Tithing, Corporatized Media, News, Tea and Crumpets Trivia

Episode 5 is here, let’s all give a cheer. Monty Mont and crew back again with a great show, this week talking about the concept of tithing in the church. We then go into the troubling issue of how we are now inundated with corporate agendas through the media. The news segment is back once again with a great story and DJ Tea and Crumpets tries to stump the panel with his trivia segment. All this on the show this week, check it out!

MTSS 4-D: The World Is Not Enough, Hackers, News, Rapid Fire

Show 4-D is ready for your ears so check it out. The panel talks about why this world is not enough for mankind to be truly happy, and why heaven should be our goal. We also talk about how hackers took down Target and other stores and got consumers personal information. The news story is outstanding this week and don’t miss our rapid fire segment. Be blessed!

MTSS 3-C: Why Did God Let This Happen?, Minimum Wage Increase, News

Why did God let this happen? If there’s a God why did he let this happen? The panel addresses these two questions that get asked many times when tragedy happens. We also talk about President Obama’s proposed minimum wage increase, is it a good thing or a bad thing? ┬áDon’t miss the random news story we had fun with that. My-T-Sharp we in the building!

MTSS 2-B: Hypocrites, Internet Behavior, News, Burlington Coat

Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t go to church because it’s too many hypocrites” well we will tackle that on this episode of the My-T-Sharp Show. Also we get into how the anonymity of the internet has changed our culture and how we deal with each other. We have our special news story and then Monty Mont goes off on Burlington Coat Factory.

MTSS 1-A: Judging, NSA, News, Childhood Stories

God is good! My-T-Sharp we in the building…finally! Check out the first show. It’s a little shaky, got folks talking in the background, the audio aint where I’d like it to be, I wish I had smarter folks talking on the show, but not bad for a first try. Thanks to my family and church family preciate all the love. Shout out to Eli for the sponsor!